Traditional teaching approaches are not sufficient to deal with Complex and Dynamic Mathematical concepts. We add the visual component to learning, using ANIMATION & Visual Tools, to make Complex and Dynamic concepts easy for the students, resulting in an increase in Students’ Comprehension and Matriculation.

“We Add Creativity to Learning”

Traditional Way of Teaching

We at CREATA CLASSES, destined to revolutionaries the education, with help of Animation & Visual tools. We feels that concepts & Basic fundamentals can be understood, very easily, with help of Animations. We believe that whatever you can visualize, you can understand it very deeply and it directly enters your subconscious mind.

Based on this concept, we have created courses, which are build on foundation of visualization with help of animation tools. The concepts are broken down to minute levels, which helps in better grasping of the fundamentals. 

Visualization techniques with help of experience of industrial professionals, makes CREATA CLASSES as Top most choice for you.


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We ADD Creativity to Learning

Message from Lead Instructor

I am a Mechanical Engineer and have experience of 13 years in the core Designing sector. My goal is to simplify education with help of visual tools AND want to connect education with practice Life.

I do not want education to be limited to Theories only. Students to learn the fundamental in very easy and CREATIVE way, that they never forget the learning.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think,” as Albert Einstein said

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“We BELIEVE in Adding CREATIVITY to Learning”